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Sort And Recycle


Take care of the environment, clean up the house, park and surrounding area; sort waste and recycle it into useful products.The game—Sort and Recycle—is specifically designed for kids and carries an educational purpose. The aim of the game is to demonstrate that not all garbage is waste and that with sorting and recycling we can create useful products. With recycling, we care about the environment and save natural resources. The game was prepared as part of the Waste Management Technologies in Regions (WMTR) Program, in order to raise awareness of waste separation and recycling among children aged 5-8. The Program is an associate award under the ICMA’s USAID-funded CityLinks program implemented in cooperation with the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN).WMTR aims to support the competent central and local government authorities, local businesses, communities, and municipalities in designing and introducing an integrated waste management system for Kakheti region and Autonomous Republic of Adjara.